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Quality Control


Hi-Tech is focused in providing the highest quality products, evident to ISO9001:2008 certification. We have been exceeding customer’s expectations especially in providing high quality molds and molded plastic parts.


For more than 25 years, Hi-Tech has been dedicated in its mission in working with our customers to improve quality and productivity.


We are committed to provide our customers the genuine contentment, because we are aware that we have common goal about customer satisfaction.


We are aggressive in preventing the occurrence of defects and abnormalities through:

   1. Extensive control and monitoring from incoming to outgoing stages of each process involved.

   1.1 Material control from color to dryness prior to production use.

   1.2 Process Control and Optimization.
        1.2.1Consistency Process of each parameter.

   2. Ensure process capability and produce consistently and efficiently.

   2.1 Maintain and aim to uplift target Cpk of 1.33  

   3. Use of all available and related problem solving quality tools.

   4. Establish process capability before the agreed mass production thru pilot run.

   5. Boost quality awareness from process, product to services through continual improvement.

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