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Please read below what some of our esteemed clients have to say about us:


" It took me a while and several quotes to realize, that the numbers and delivery times on Hi-Tech quotes were real. I had placed a small project with Hi-Tech and the quality of their work was beyond my expectations, than I had placed another project, than another... Now, after one year, sixteen projects, and my visit to Hi-Tech plastic and metal facilities, I would wish the company to be our exclusive vendor for injection molds, progressive dies, molded and stamped components. Hi-Tech facilities are fully equipped for the most challenging projects, but fancy buildings and sophisticated equipment are nothing without people, and the people of Hi-Tech are the company's strongest link! Their operations, engineering and production teams are superb:

experienced, creative, very responsive, very cooperative, and pleasure to work with."

Michael Axelrod
Lead Mechanical Engineer
A R R I S Broadband


" I appreciate everything your company is doing to pull this project off on time. The time frame was accelerated and your reaction to changes has been phenomenal. Hi-Tech has come through with everything I've asked for so far. You stand as one of the best vendors I have. "
Rick Rubin
Vice President Product Development
Essential Reality, LLC
49 West 27th St., Suite 7 East
NY, NY 10001
212-244-3200 or (Direct)212-760-5175


"I continue to be impressed by Hi-Tech's performance with these programs. Truly a first class organization. "
Frederick T. Howard
Project Engineer 
First Technology
228 Northeast Road
Standish, ME 04084 USA
+1 207 642-0238


" I've told you what a help you've been to me, only we know what a mess this project would have been without you working so closely with us. "
Roger Brooks
Senior Tooling Engineer
Symbol Technologies
(631) 563-2400 X 3497


"Yes, I have everything, you have always be a very good co-worker !! Thank you for all your support and help. "
Isabel Osuna
Purchasing NPI / Solectron

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