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Awards & Certification


ISO 9001:2008 certification

Accredited the SGS ISO 9001 certificate since 1996

In year 2003, we successfully worked with one of our valuable customers to manufacture the 1st & 2nd edition of the Lazerspot and won the award for the “Top 25 New Product of 2003” which was honored by the “Electrical Contracting and Engineering News”

Power Head of Vacuum Cleaner

Judges' comment - delicate and complex tool design, suitable for low or medium production.

This was a AISI P20, pre-hardened, single cavity mold. The use of hydraulic cylinder and traditional slide cam for the tooling not only overcame the undercuts on the end-product but also helped to simplify the mold construction and design. Optical sensors were equipped to control the traveling stroke and positive location of the hydraulic cylinders. Beryllium copper sub-insert was also used on the core side to efficient cooling which enhanced the reliability and productivity of the tool. The cycle time of the mold was 45 seconds.



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