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Custom Plastics Tooling



For more than 25 years in this industry, our technical team has designed andbuilt more than 30 million molds mostly for consumer electronics, electrical, medical and automotive industries.
From the periods of 2011 to 2014 alone, Hi-Tech has produced and delivered over 35 million molded parts and over 25 million molds for presses ranging from 20 to 2.2K tonnages.

We are fully capable to serve you. We have:
   The most updated design software computer facility
   Manufacturing of export grade hardened injection molds (48-52 HRC)
   Ability to handle wide range of materials from aluminum through P20 into hardened S-7 and H-13 steels
   Prototype molds using epoxy and aluminum
   Low and High volume tools
   Multiple shot mold making
   In-house molding facility to provide you fast tool-off samples for your complete production requirements
   Lifetime mold maintenance programs for our customers with no additional charge.
   Quick-change molding system.
   24/5 to 24/7 production operation to meet your immediate requirements
A detailed mold component design in both 2D & 3D will help us develop CAPP (Computer Aided Process Planning) for future mold making with shorter lead-time and higher accuracy.
We know that the mold is the heart of every production molding program therefore, we are fully committed in meeting and exceeding our customers' requirements and expectations.

Flat G, 11th Floor, Effort Industrial Building, 2-8 Kung Yip Street
Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong, SAR

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Email Us at: sales@hi-tech.com.cn 

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